Grocery Shopping - Vegetable Vocabulary

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Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my video. Right now I’m going to grocery shopping. It’s 9:30 at night and I’m just going to go in here we can take a look at a grocery store. This store is open 24 so I can shop at any time. I think it’s only closed one day the year. So, here we go. Let’s take a look at a grocery store.

usually shop at large supermarkets where they can buy groceries, household goods, clothing, sports , car supplies, pet supplies, medicine, and much more. Small specialty shops exist but large seem to be more popular. Farmers markets are very popular in the summertime. Most stores have the produce section near the entrance of the store. In this video, will look at some of the items in the produce section.

Okay, here’s my cart. Let’s see. What do I need? The grocery store starts with the produce , so here are some melons, different kinds of melons, honeydew. There’s cantaloupe. Let’s see I can find some peaches. Mmm apple cider. I’m going to get some apple although it’s not in season. I don’t know. It says fresh cider. I’ll go and get some cider. There’s apple cider. We take a plastic bag. We put fruit and vegetables in. I’ll get a couple of nectarines. If I can reach. , there’s one and I’ll get one more. Which one is a good one? How …. alright. There we go. Okay, how about that one? There are my nectarines. else can I get? Flowers? No. Some roast chicken. This store has, let’s see, -some checkout lines. See them all there? 1-2-3. I can see way down at the . It says 30-something. I see 30. There might be about 32 or 34. What can we get?

Oh, here’s some watermelon. Should I get a watermelon? I don’t need one, but … Let’s see. Well, you can see how big they are. . I don’t want a watermelon. Oh, here are some more. These look good. Watermelons. watermelons. These have seeds. The other ones I guess didn’t have seeds. are 4-49, four dollars and forty-nine cents, and the seedless are also four dollars and forty-nine , but I’m not going to get one. What else? Some pineapple, some kiwi, some . Usually this whole section is filled with bananas, but as I said it’s 9:30 night. It’s about maybe 9:45 now, so they haven’t restocked yet. They restock everything at . Bananas are 54 cents a pound. Okay. What else? Here are some different of lettuce, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce. You can see the up here at the top. Green leaf lettuce is 89 cents a pound. Red lettuce 89 cents a pound. Boston lettuce a dollar 69 cents a pound. I get some radishes. These are organic radishes it says. I know it’s organic because says organic up there. Green onions. Here are some more radishes. They’re huge. I know why they’re so big. What else? Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, rutabaga. That’s rhubarb. These popular items, broccoli and cauliflower. Actually, here’s the broccoli. That was something like broccoli. is on sale for a dollar forty-nine each. There’s the cauliflower. And the broccoli also a dollar forty-nine each. I just went grocery shopping one or two days , so I don’t really need any of this stuff right now. I have broccoli home. I have carrots at home. I have radishes at home. I don’t really this stuff. I might need celery. Baby carrots. Little carrots that you can snack . They’re usually a nice little snack. Here’s the celery. Celery, four for five dollars. always put things like this to encourage you to get four of something. If wanted celery, I’d probably just want one, not four, but they often price things this. This means that, you know, if I just get one, then it would a dollar twenty-five. Here’s some lettuce. Here’s some packaged produce. Some mushrooms, different kinds mushrooms. These are whole mushrooms. Now we have sliced mushrooms. Some more whole mushrooms. of mushrooms. This is vegetarian products like that are made to taste like cheese turkey, sausages. Let’s see what else. There are some beans, some green beans. How are the green beans? A dollar twenty-nine a pound. There are some green peppers. see. Ninety-nine cents a pound. I might get a green pepper although I think have one of those at home, too. Here are some potatoes. Let’s see what . There’s eggplant, some squash, yellow squash. Oh, I don’t have squash. I’ll get that. I need a little bag. There’s some asparagus. Okay, I’ll get a little bag let’s see. I’d actually like zucchini if I can find zucchini. It’s usually right to this yellow squash, so…. They’re all out. Look. It says zucchini right there. no zucchini here. I’ll just have to get a yellow squash. That one looks , right? Is that one okay? Alright. I’ll get that one. Put that in my . What else can I get? I’m not getting any asparagus. Here are some peppers. are some orange peppers. There were red ones there yesterday. Yellow peppers. I already those. I just went shopping. Here are some tomatoes. Here are some avocados. Again, haven’t restocked yet. We have Roma tomatoes, greenhouse tomatoes, green tomatoes, tomatoes on the , vine-ripe tomatoes. Here we have grape tomatoes. They look like grapes but they’re tomatoes. we have cherry tomatoes, I guess. Lots of tomatoes. Anyway, this is the tomato . Here’s some organic stuff. There’s some zucchini. I might get one of those. I’ll it. What else can I get? Cucumber I just got yesterday. I don’t need . So, let’s see. That’s cucumber. Okay, there’s one. And then here is a different of cucumber. What are these? English cucumbers, I think. A little bit different. What do we have? Peppers, more peppers. Orange, red, yellow, green.

We have potatoes over . So, let’s see. We have red potatoes, yellow potatoes, red potatoes, yellow potatoes, I don’t what kind of potatoes, all kinds of potatoes. They’re all potatoes. And I be getting potatoes today either so let’s just kind of go past this. How is a bag of potatoes. Let’s see. Two dollars and forty-nine cents for ten of russet potatoes. Let’s see what other kind. Let’s see. These golden potatoes. How are those? I don’t know which ones they are. They are three pounds gourmet petite flesh potatoes two ninety-nine a pound [a bag]. Okay. Let’s see what else is. Here are some little peppers. Here are some onions. These are sweet onions, forty-nine a bag, I guess. So three forty-nine, three dollars and forty-nine cents for bag of onions. Let’s see. Oh, here’s some squash, acorn squash. That’s usually ready the fall. Sweet potatoes, onions, sweet onions, red onions, white onions, garlic, more sweet and red onions and white onions and yellow onions. What else do we ? Oh, just a bunch of stuff.

Let’s see. Here are some nuts. Pistachios. Those are . Let’s see. Here are all the nuts, different kinds of nuts. So, what kind we have? We have, let’s see. These are almonds. Almonds are six ninety-nine for a , for one pound. Then we have white almonds, blanched almonds. We have roasted . We have sliced almonds. We have more roasted and salted almonds. We have raw , roasted and salted cashews, more raw cashews, more roasted and salted. We have Spanish . Here are some more nuts around the corner here. Organic peanuts, organic raw almonds, . This looks good. Cherries and berries and nuts. Here are some more nuts all way around here. These nuts are chopped nuts. So we have pecan pieces, pecan , pecan pieces again, pecan halves, Brazil nuts, walnuts halves and pieces, more walnuts, chopped redskin peanuts, roasted and salted peanuts, more pistachios. Okay, that’s most of the produce . I’ll go over to the deli area.