Taking Tests - Part I

Gap-fill exercise

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Hi. I’m Denise. Today I’m going to talk to you about tests and different ways of answering test questions. I’ll show you different test question styles, and I’ll show you a couple of sheets and talk about how to go about answering the questions. biggest piece of advice I can give you or the most piece of advice that I’d like to give you is to the instructions. I have seen students many times answering tests incorrectly they didn’t follow the instructions, and then they got the answers not because they didn’t know the material or because they didn’t the answer but simply because they did not answer it correctly. did not follow the instructions correctly. They may have underlined something they were supposed to circle something, or they may have written abbreviation of something when they were supposed to write out a word, and there are many other ways that I have seen get test answers wrong because they simply did not follow the . So, again, the most important piece of advice that I’d like give you is to follow the instructions carefully. Often we say follow the directions. Directions and instructions are synonyms, so we use words. Okay? Let’s go.

Okay. The first style that I want look at and talk about is multiple choice. Multiple choice means you have many choices given to you, and you simply select correct answer. So, in this first one that we have here, instructions say to circle the letter of the correct answer. The is “Where is the United States?” and we have three answers. first one, ‘a. in South America,’ the second one says ‘b. Asia’ and the third one ‘c. in North America.’ So remember the instructions said. They said circle the letter of the correct . Okay, so I would circle c which is North America.

Number , “Where is Japan?” The same answer choices. There’s “Where is Japan?” South America, in Asia, or in North America. So, again, I circle the correct, the letter of the correct answer.

But the question type is also multiple choice except that the directions are this time. The directions say, “Write the letter of the answer the line provided.” So this time, we are not to circle answer. We are to write the answer on the line. If don’t write it on the line, the teacher may not see answer, or whoever’s correcting your paper may not see your answer they may just when they’re correcting, they may just go down column and look at all the answers on this line. If don’t have your answer there, they’re going to mark it wrong. , in this case, do not circle the answer, a, b, or c, but the answer on the line. So, my answer is c. write it on the line. In number 2 my answer b. Whenever you write letters or anything at all, be sure you write clearly. If I do not write this c carefully, may look like an a, and my answer would be wrong. I wrote it, I closed my c too much, it would like that. The teacher will not know what your answer is, you’re marking a or b, so always be very careful. Okay, those two were both multiple choice.

The next one I have is also multiple choice. This time it says, “Circle the word belongs in the blank.” Okay, so this time we have a . I have the children blank playing. I’m supposed to circle the which belongs in the blank. So I have a blank, but instructions do not say write the letter on the blank. The say to circle the word. So I actually have to circle . Is it is, do, or are? Okay, and my answer is , so I’ll circle c and I can include the letter in , but I do have to circle it. Okay? Even though there’s blank, the instructions do not say write my answer on the . The instructions say to circle the answer. So, again, always be that you do follow the instructions.