Public Speaking Routine

Hi. My name is Katrina Campau and I’m the owner of Dynamisis, LLC. One thing to keep in mind about public speaking is that you need to have a certain confidence about yourself and confidence in what you …..

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know about the subject matter. Another area to make sure that you understand about public speaking is on the day of your talk when you’re addressing a new audience, it’s really important to follow the same daily pattern that you’re used to. So, if you drink coffee normally, on the day that you give a talk be sure that you drink that normal cup of coffee. If you’re not used to eating breakfast, on the day that you give a talk refrain from eating breakfast if that is your normal schedule.

So, in summary, to make sure that you give a great public speaking event, number one, be confident in your subject matter and then, of course, follow the same daily schedule that you’re used to. That’ll give you a certain successful event.

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