Public Speaking Preparation and Delivery

One of the biggest keys to giving a successful presentation or speech is to be prepared. You want to think about things like your audience. Who are you speaking to? Do you need to tailor your message for a particular group of people? You want to be sure that …..

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you have your topic really solidified. You want to understand your specific purpose and your central idea and you want to have at least a couple clear main points. You want to have a very clear introduction, a body to your speech, and a conclusion.

One good way to make sure that you’re keeping all of this organized is to make an outline. An outline can provide you with a roadmap, so that you know where you’re going in your speech and that your audience can easily follow.

Some important things to keep in mind when you’re actually delivering your speech are try to have an air of self-confidence about you. Walk up to the podium with confidence. Give your speech with confidence, and walk away with confidence. You want a strong beginning, middle, and end. Self-talk really helps. Telling yourself that you can do it, that you can be … that you’re poised and confident can actually lead to coming across poised and confident. Breathing is very important. Taking a few deep breaths before you’re about to speak can relax you and it can also help you to speak more clearly and project more.

Eye contact is very important when you’re giving a speech. You want to try to make eye contact with each member of the audience as if you’re kind of giving them a non-verbal hello. This will help you to have a more conversational tone in your voice and like you’re actually having conversations with your audience members as opposed to just getting up and lecturing in front of them.

Your speaking rate is very important. If you speak too slowly, your audience might lose interest. If you speak too quickly, your words are going to get lost, and your audience is going to have trouble following along and keeping up with your ideas.

You want to articulate pronouncing all consonants and vowels. You want to project, which means speak loud, so that people in the very back of the room can hear you. You want intonation in your voice. You want to avoid coming across monotone. You want to have inflection. You want to show emotion in your voice, some animation.

Gestures and movement are important. Gestures and movement can add animation to your speech, but they can also be distracting. Using your hands a lot is a very, a very effective gesture. However, tapping your fingers or tapping on the table or swaying back and forth, those are examples of types of gestures and movements that can be distracting to your audience.

Another thing to do is, once you’ve established an outline, you want to make note cards of the key points in your outline. You don’t want to get up and read from your outline. If you just have a few key points on each note card and have those note cards numbered just in case you drop them. Just a few key points on each note card so that you can stay focused, reminding yourself of your key ideas, also reminding yourself of things like slow down. If you tend to talk too fast, you can write that on your note card as a little reminder to yourself to watch your pace. It’s important to do to use note cards and not read directly from script or from an outline because you’re not going to be able to have good eye contact and speak in a way that is called extemporaneous, which means that you’re not memorize something, memorizing something, that you’re not just reciting it back, that you’re speaking conversationally. Note cards are a very effective way to reach this.

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Public Speaking Preparation and Delivery Word Search Puzzle #2


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Public Speaking Preparation and Delivery Word Scramble Puzzle #2




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