Public Speaking Preface

Hi. My name is Katrina Campau and I’m the owner of Dynamisis, LLC. Oftentimes as speakers we enter an environment that we may have had short notice in terms of you’ve been asked to speak at a event tomorrow and we have …..

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the urge as soon as we walk on stage after we’ve been introduced to say, “I’m sorry, Ladies and Gentlemen, but I just heard about this event yesterday. I’ll do my best.” And we give a preface, a preface because we think that we might not do a great job. When in reality, your audience always wants you to have a successful experience one hundred percent of the time.

So when you’re asked to speak even at short notice, be sure that when you enter the stage, you start immediately into your talk maybe by giving a story or by telling a funny joke if that’s part of your character. Let’s refrain from giving a preface of why we might not meet expectations. Let’s rather choose to do an effective job by starting strong in our talk and having the confidence as we walk in the room.

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