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Hi. My name is Katrina Campau and in terms of how to interview to win, one thing to recognize is how first impressions are lasting impressions. Let’s remember to plan accordingly for what kind of environment and what kind of …..

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workforce we’re going to be interviewing for. It’s always important to always dress for the level above the position that we’re interviewing for so that we can make it easy for the people who are interviewing us to see how we are going to be part of the organization for a long time.

So, for the ladies, it’s really important to have a coordinate set of either a suit jacket, a suit skirt, or a set of suit pants with a coordinated top. For gentlemen, it’s very important that your suit coat and your suit pants are the same color. Or, if you’re wearing a khaki pant, have a black or blue blazer with a coordinated collared shirt. If the position requires a more formal approach, for the gentlemen, please be sure that your necktie, your belt, and your shoe are in coordinated colors. And for the ladies, always make sure that no matter if your suit is a blue suit or a black suit, it’s always most appropriate to wear a black pump heel.

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