Cedric #6 – Smart Goals

Goal setting is a part of this whole process. One thing I would share with you, ladies and gentlemen, is that I want you to take an action item and that means is to set some goals, little goals, whatever they may be. It doesn’t matter how little they are. It’s the building block of something special. The key is is that you start small and …..

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work your way through. If you look around again, going around the room here in the office, you’ll notice there’s other goals, other goals where they’re being empowered by other organizations. And that is so important.

We talk about goals. We talk about SMART goals. And I want to share that with you, what that really means. SMART goals is kind of like how we build a strategy of how we set a goal. Goals that are SMART, the acronym means, the S stands for specific. We want them to be specific goals. Plant a seed. Plant in your mind something specific that you want to attain, whether it’s a specific school class, or a specific job, or a specific business, or a specific function that you want to do sociably, whatever it is. But be specific with it. And these are things that you want to write down and I want you to write these words down if you don’t mind. So, the S for SMART stands for specific.

M stands for measurable. Everything we do needs to be measurable in some way. Because it’s like anything else. If we apply a blueprint to build a house, it’s measurable because there’s a laid out layout that helps us understand where we’re going to go with that house and how we’re going to build it. So, certainly make sure that it’s measurable.

A stands for attainable. We’re going to attain. Something’s attainable. Now, there’s no doubt that goals are very important here, but the key is attainable means, we want to make sure that we, that something we feel that is attainable to us. There’s an analogy, ladies and gentlemen, that fingertips stretching is okay to reach for something that you want and that’s so-called attainable. Because we certainly want to reach out to attain something. We have more value. There’s more ownership. When we feel that we’ve reached a little bit more to attain something that we want. Very important. And then when you think about the attainable side, it really brings some things to light as well.

R stands for realistic. Realistic. And again, we can always concept…. conceptually dream about a lot of things, and we do. But something that’s realistic to us, that we really can have ownership in, and we really can believe in, and we really want to have, we have. It resonates to us. We want that to happen. We will do that. So, make it realistic.

And, finally, the T stands for time bound or time able. Every goal should have a time-sensitive date on it. I’m going to attain a certain dollar amount by the end of this year. I’m going to go out and buy my first car by the end of June of two thousand and ten (2010). So everything should have a timestamp and give me … let me share this with you. When you have a timeline or a deadline, it puts an action item there. It puts an ownership of value there. It puts some accountability there as well. Now, regardless if you tell others about these goals that you want, I want you to write them down, and I want you to see them on a daily basis. I want you to reinforce them in your mind on a daily basis.

It’s amazing, ladies and gentlemen, what the mind will do. If we believe it, if we conceive it, we will achieve it.

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