Cedric #1 – Passion

Hello. I’m Cedric McSween. Thank-you for being here. I want to tell you a little about my life and what I do. I want to also tell you a little bit about how I got there. You know it’s interesting. I run a health insurance agency here in Southfield, Michigan. I’m a licensed health insurance carrier. I provide …

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a number of different carriers to help individuals as well as groups and companies. But, you know, it’s interesting. When you have a passion for something like that and you really know what you want to do, you’ll find a way. You’ll set goals. You’ll create the vision, and you’ll make it happen.

I’m very proud. This is my third startup company in my lifetime, in my business. I’ve been taught very well by corporate America, learned a lot from them and applied those same skills, those same standards in how I run companies. Whether small or whether large, the key is how you run them, how you have passion for them, and how you believe in it.

Contact Cedric: http://www.premiersolutionsagency.com/

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