Storage Units – Too Much Stuff

Outdoor Storage Units

Outdoor Storage Units

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my video. Do you have a lot of stuff? Well, maybe you do. Maybe you don’t. Sometimes, we find ourselves with too many things. One such time that happens often is

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when somebody’s moving from a larger home into a smaller home and they find that all of their belongings don’t fit in the smaller home. So, what do we do? Well, we give away some items. We throw away some items. We might sell some items. But even after all that, if we still have items left that we don’t know what to do with, some Americans rent a storage unit. A storage unit is just a big room where they can store their things until they can find someplace to put them. Sometimes when they’re moving into a new home, their new home is not ready for them to move into yet, so they have to put their items somewhere temporarily until they can move into their new home. There are lots of reasons why someone might rent a storage unit, but it is a fairly common practice in the United States. Let’s take a look at some storage units.

Here are some storage units here. These are outdoor storage units. We also have indoor storage units and storage units of different sizes. There are some more outdoor units over there, and here’s a building that has indoor units. Storage units range in sizes. They can be small, 5 by 3 feet perhaps, and they can be quite large, maybe 10 by 20 feet or even 20 by 20 feet and many sizes in between. Some units are air conditioned and heated in the winter time and others are not. But it is just another option for people to put their stuff.

Here are some more storage units. You can see that these units at the end have smaller doors compared to the ones down the aisle. And also notice how many units there are. There’s a long, long row here of units, and this particular place has many rows of units. So they do range in size and these are all outdoor units. As I mentioned before, there are also indoor units available. So this is just a convenient way to store your things until you have a better place to put them, until you can take them home.

Some people also use storage units to store their motorcycles or their snowmobiles or other outdoor equipment that they use only during certain seasons of the year. That way when they’re not using them, when it’s not the correct season, they can put the equipment in the storage unit and when it’s time to use them, they just bring it out again.

So what do you do with your extra items? Do you give them away? Do you sell them? What do you do? Thanks for watching. Bye.


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