Stop for that School Bus

Stop for that School Bus

Hi. I’m Denise. Today I want to talk about school buses, specifically what to do if one stops in the street in front of you. If you drive in the suburbs in the United States, then you are likely to see school buses, and if you do drive here then you should know the law about

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stopping for a school bus.

If you’re driving behind a school bus and the red lights on the top of the bus start flashing and the school bus stops, you need to stop too. You stop if you’re driving behind the bus. You stop if you’re driving beside the bus and you even stop if you’re coming from the opposite direction on the road. You stop on the other side of the bus. There’s a driving law, a driving rule that says you must stop when the school bus stops and the stop sign on the side of the bus comes out.

Even if you are driving toward the bus from the opposite direction on a wide road without a median, you have to stop. If you’re on the other side of a divided highway with a concrete barrier or a grass median separating you from the bus, then you don’t need to stop.

These are typical school buses. They pick up the children in the morning and take them to school. Then they pick them up from school in the afternoon and take them back home. Actually, they take them to a bus stop near their home. But these are typical school buses.

Good luck. Enjoy your driving and please help us keep the children safe. Thanks for watching. Bye.


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