Why Do Americans Buy So Much?

American Consumerism

Why do Americans buy so much? Well, I think it’s because they get bombarded every day with messages to buy, buy, buy. We hear messages on the radio, on the TV. We see messages on billboards everywhere to buy, on the sides of buses, almost everywhere. And almost daily, messages to buy are delivered to our homes.

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This is the newspaper I received at my home on Thanksgiving Day. This package weighs a little over five pounds. That’s more than two kilos in one day. Most of this is advertisement. Okay. Yes, there’s some news in here, a little bit of news. Okay, this, about that much is news. The rest is advertisements. Three days later, I received this. This is a little over, it’s almost two and a half (2 ½) pounds, a little over one point two (1.2) kilos. Okay. Most of this is advertising. We receive all of this advertising to buy, buy, buy.

We have messages delivered to our homes daily. In the mail, we get additional advertisements, newspapers. We have flyers. We have solicitations to buy all the time. Buy, buy, buy. All of this, it’s all advertising that was delivered to my home.

Now, granted, most of this, this newspaper was delivered on Thanksgiving Day. The time between Thanksgiving and about New Year’s or a week or so after New Year’s is a time when Americans buy a lot of merchandise, so the advertisers distribute more advertisements. But even when it’s not Thanksgiving or not the Christmas or holiday season, we still get all of this advertisement, all of these messages. Let’s take a look at some of it.

Okay, so what do we get? Well, here’s something for computers from Dell. We have something for clothing. We have something from the grocery store. Okay, get groceries from Kroger. Office Depot. You can buy a computer or a television. Something for cable TV. Early bird specials for computers. Here you can buy a bed or a couch. Sam’s Club. They have lots of things at Sam’s Club, everything from jewelry to TVs to groceries. Here’s something for telephones. Some pillows. Some pots and pans. Here’s something from a radio station. Something from the toy store, Toys R Us. All kinds of things. Pool tables, camping, exercise equipment. From the pharmacy. Here you can buy a blender. Almost five pounds of advertising received in one day. We receive all this advertisement. And what happens is it piles up day after day after day.

In the mail, we receive additional advertisements, letters, solicitations. Do you want a new credit card? Okay, this is something for a cemetery. A fitness place. Here, I can get my furnace taken care of, checked to make sure that it’s in good working order which is a good idea, but, you know, you get advertisements for this stuff all the time.

We get lots of coupons in the mail. If you get, use these coupons, you can save money. Okay? That’s what they say. Use a coupon, you get ten dollars ($10) off. Use a coupon, something costs twenty-seven dollars ($27). Plumbing coupons. Something with a baby. “What’s in your carpet?” Okay. Clean-your-carpet coupons. Christmas trees.

So, why do Americans buy so much? Well, maybe part of it has to do with all of these advertisements we receive. Enjoy your shopping.

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  1. Oops. My math was wrong. 2.5 pounds is 1.14 kilograms, not 1.2 kilograms. (5 pounds = 2.27 kilograms)

  2. Oh, I love shopping!

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