One of the interesting things about living in a loft was some of the reaction that I’ve gotten from people back home. And back home, I mean the little town that I’m from is a little farming community in the middle of Michigan called Vermontville, all eight hundred people.

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A lot of kids that I grew up with, a lot of people move away. It’s … you don’t… unless you’re an active farmer it’s hard to find a job around there. Your closest city is Lansing which is about thirty-five minutes away. Battle Creek’s another forty-five minutes away. Grand Rapids is almost an hour away.

So, people my age tend to move out. But, a lot of people like my mom’s age are still there. They still have the family farms. They still have… they’re still going back to visit family. So, it’s very interesting to hear their reaction. And a lot of people want to come visit because when they hear loft, they think of hay barn, especially there. You’ve got the big red barns that are that stereotypical American, Midwestern American thing. So, that’s what they’re picturing is basically a big space in the top of a barn to throw hay, so they’re having trouble wrapping their mind around what what it is to live in a space like that.

So, it’s been kind of fun to talk about that and show pictures and show them that you can actually live in a space like this. It’s not that they’re dolts or slow. It’s just such a difference in culture. It’s the same thing that I experienced when I moved from Vermontville to the Detroit area to go to college and then move into the city of Detroit because it’s it’s about two hours away from here. A lot of people don’t make that drive unless it’s to go to a baseball game, so they don’t know of the culture here. They don’t know the history here. They don’t understand that I love having a coffee shop that’s five minutes away from me so that I can just stop in whenever I want a cup of coffee or meet a couple friends there or the idea that I can walk to church. These are all things that are foreign to them. So while they wonder about how you build a community, how you keep intact with your neighbors, you know, to me that actually was a fairly easy transition because I like that stuff. I like having museums within five minutes of us. We’ve got the Detroit Historical Museum, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Detroit Public Library main branch within five minutes of where we live.

So it’s always interesting to go back home where the pace is slower. They don’t have the same expectations of of people, of places that you do here. In Vermontville there’s one café. There is one gas station. There’s one service station. There’s one little post office. There are two churches right in the main center of town. It’s, so it’s a different pace of life. People are very genuine there. They truly do care. Their orientation is just different. So it’s fun to go back and to talk with them and to let them know it’s not evil to live in the city or there’s not anything inherently wrong with it. It’s just a different type of lifestyle. It’s really what, it’s really what you want to make of it.

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