Meet Kyle

Hi. I’m Kyle. I’m twenty years old except I’m going to be twenty-one soon, so I can go to the bars and drink legally. And this is my car. I bought it for two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) because it’s got some damage on it. And if you look over here …..

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

This … I was driving down the highway in the wintertime. I was going about sixty miles an hour, and my car flipped around, and I hit hit the side of the freeway, and luckily I was okay, but my car got some damage on it.
If you look inside my car … I got my guitar in here. See if you want to …. and my amplifier… because I play guitar and I play the bass guitar. I’m in a band. We don’t have a name yet. But I sing as well and write songs.

Have some fun! Try these puzzles.

All of the puzzles use words from the video. Feel free to print and copy the puzzles.

Meet Kyle Crossword Puzzle


Meet Kyle Word Search Puzzle


Meet Kyle Word Scramble Puzzle



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