Brooke Paints Her Nails #2

So, hopefully this stays. Sometimes when you get nail polish, it like … I don’t … It looks okay. It looks all right. It looks really really … I don’t know… not like the color in the tube.

But I think like yellow on yellow … That looks pretty close to the … Oops. I just messed up a little bit. It’s okay. I just usually take the back. Boom. There you go. Sometimes the nail polish doesn’t …

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actually look like the color in the bottle especially if you’re using such a light color, you might have to use a couple coats. And even after, even after you use a couple coats, you still might need like, I don’t know, it still might just not work. Okay.

I’m left-handed so I always start painting my right hand and then use the right hand to paint the left hand. And I’m not as good because … because I’m left-handed, not ambidextrous, which, you know, you can use two hands. And some people like that are right-handed can do a lot of things with their left hand. I can’t do anything. I can’t do anything with my right hand I mean, like… And anything that you would think… like eating…anything. I can’t even use a knife. It’s really sad.

So, yeah. This color is … I’m surprised. It’s all right. It’s pretty yellow. It’s pretty shocking. I hope it doesn’t like make my fingers look dirty. But, oh well. I can take it off if I really don’t like it, so. I’m just going to do a second coat, though, still because it does…I don’t know. I just feel like it’s too light to just have one coat.

So, this is this is a really quickie manicure, not the best you could ever do. You could like, you know, obviously soak your hands and file your nails, but I just filed mine yesterday. I don’t really go on a specific shape or anything or like … I don’t know. I just make them workable so I can do whatever I want without them breaking because … I don’t know. I do art. I do art … I’ll be like sculpting something or cutting up balsa wood or painting and just … It all gets ruined anyways, and especially like I work in a restaurant like I am not allowed to wear this color there at all. I would get I would get sent home probably if I didn’t have some nail polish remover on me.

So, I actually kind of li… I think it it matches my shirt today, and it goes with the good weather finally. And it’s not something you see every day. It’s a good conversation piece. People are always like, “Oh, I love your nails,” or “Oh, I love your hair,” or “Oh, I love…,” you know, so … It makes …. It’s nice. It’s nice to hear that, I guess. But it’s fun to do something different, too, and hopefully, other people will be inspired to do something a little bit, a little bit crazy. You know, it’s not … I guess it’s not crazy at all. It’s just nail polish. But if that’s as wacky as some people can get, then hey.

So, I don’t know, maybe I will put over the gold s… I think I … I kind of like it like this even though there’s some green that I didn’t get all the way off. It’ll only last for a day anyways because it always chips. So, after I do the yellow, like the, any kind of nail polish, I like to use a like a cuticle treatment because you get all the dry, the dry skin. So, just put a dot on each one, and then you don’t get those like little peeling hangnails or whatever. And that’s … It feels good. It’s just like an oil. So, that’s it. That’s basically my little, my nail routine.

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