Brooke Paints Her Nails #1

So, right now I’m just taking off my nail polish. Right now I have like a green color on, but I’m going to redo it because … I don’t know. My nails don’t really take to nail polish that well. They just … They don’t … I don’t know. It chips all the time no matter what. Even if I just have it on for a day, it just, it chips, and it’s it’s not fun. So, I have my thumb left to do. It’s kind of quick.

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

All right. So, fresh nails. And then, I guess, just to talk about, I brought down some of my favorite colors of the moment. I’ve been into doing French manicures is what they say and then they … It’s like with the white tips. So, I usually use this white on the tip and then just do … This looks white, but it’s pink. It’s like a light pink and it looks clear when you go over. So that’s … that’s classic and always good. I like … I mean … A lot of people do this.

What I’m going to do today is because I’ve never used this one. This one is new. It’s kind of a crazy color, right? But, it’s finally summer in Michigan, so I’m going to use this. It’s by Nubar. It’s called Hot Yellow. And then I thought if it if it didn’t work that well, I would just put

this like gold shimmer over it and then my nails would look like gold. So, I don’t know. Sometimes I like to use like, I always use crazy colors. Like this one is like green and I think it’s called … They just have funny names on the bottom. It’s called In the Limelight Neon. It’s by China Glaze. Yeah. Here’s another one I like, and it reminds me of Tiffany’s, the store. It’s like a really, really famous store and it’s called For Audrey like in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn plays the leading lady in that movie, so … Yeah, I don’t know… I’m just, I guess, classic pink, other glitter stuff. I’m young, so, I mean … If it looks stupid, oh well, you know. You can take it off. It’s just nail polish. All right.

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