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So, I like painting, and I’m more… I guess I can tell you more about this piece right here. Even though like, you know, it’s pretty simplistic, I think it’s visually pleasing, and I kind of like … I’m adding green on the inside here to

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

this part. I don’t know, to make the shapes pop more. Even like the layering of the black, the gold, the green and then kind of these four different colors. My kitchen is red, so I think, I don’t know, maybe I’ll do like four panels kind of similar to this style, just like this, and it would look cool. I mean and you can flip it any way. I haven’t decided. It doesn’t have a proper way it goes yet. I think I’ll hang it like this. No, yeah, I don’t know.

Other things I do in my free time: I’m really into like hair and makeup and stuff, and I do like my own extensions. I’m not naturally this blond, obviously, super, super blond, but … I don’t know. My hair’s been black. It’s been red. Like in this painting where it’s like pink. These are like extensions, like different color ones. Like, because I think it looks cool when it stands out on the blond. But I’ve had green ones. I basically have had rainbow ones which looks pretty ridiculous, but I think, you know, you’re only young once, so might as well … You know you couldn’t pull that off if you’re like fifty, but if you’re like eighteen. You know, when I was eighteen, nobody cares. They’re just like, “Oh, they’re young,” so…

Yeah. I would have to say that I like being blond the best, I guess. Now, now that I’m a little bit older, I’m kind of over doing the crazy colors. I’m more now into just… I’ve … latest…. lately been into buying like really eccentric nail polishes and eye shadows because … Yeah, I don’t know. It’s less less dramatic than having your hair, you know, having to go to all the trouble of dying your hair. And you can change it every day.

Something that I can’t change every day is my tattoos. I … the first tattoo I got I got when I was eighteen. It’s a big like anchor on the back, on my back. The anchor tattoo is like a family emblem, and all my family like … I grew up on sailboats and stuff and the water in Florida, but I live in Michigan now. Great Lakes state. So, I’m really into water sports, too. I think everyone in Michigan is. Just … everyone, you know, goes to either Canada where there’s the the, you know, good lakes and stuff and the water sports like water skiing, wakeboarding. I like snowboarding. I can skateboard very terribly, too, so I kind of keep active that way. Take my dog for walks.

But, yeah, I don’t know. I rarely have any free time because I’m in college, so it’s always school work, school work and then even when I have free time, I have to work on my portfolio which is various… These these … I’m probably going to include these just because like they’re so different like style-wise. One’s really realistic and this one… You know, it’s not really a picture … It’s not really a picture of anything. It’s just, you know, nice to look at. Sometimes things don’t have to mean anything. They can just be nice to look at.

Have some fun! Try these puzzles.

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All of the puzzles use words from the video. Feel free to print and copy the puzzles.

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About Brooke Word Search Puzzle #2


About Brooke Word Scramble Puzzle #1


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