Hi. This is my dog, Oscar. He’s three and a half pounds (3 1/2 lbs.) and his breed is a Maltese. You can find a lot of different kinds of breeds of dogs from big dogs to very small dogs to teacup dogs and everything in between. One thing that differentiates a Maltese is …..

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that they don’t have any fur. They actually have hair. One other thing to consider about choosing your type of dog is if you are allergic to different types of animals, the Maltese is hypoallergenic. One other thing that makes a Maltese a great choice for a dog is that they don’t shed. And so if you’re wondering about keeping the place spic and span, the Maltese always makes a great choice for a dog.

Have some fun! Try these puzzles.

All of the puzzles use words from the video. Feel free to print and copy the puzzles.

Maltese Crossword Puzzle


Maltese Word Search Puzzle


Maltese Word Scramble Puzzle



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