Brooke and Her Dog

Come here. Come here. Saki. Hey. Get out of those bones. Come here. Saki. She’s a puppy, so she doesn’t know how to play fetch really yet. My dog, she’s not interested. She’d rather go sniff around. Saki. Come here. Her name is Saki like the Japanese rice wine. Here. Come here. Come here. Good girl. I think she’s so cute. I got her from the Humane Society. She’s about a year old. The Humane Society is a



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company or organization I guess I should say. It’s an organization that rescues … that rescues animals. She was a stray. Stop it. And now she’s spoiled. She was a stray. She is a Labrador/pit bull mix. Pit bulls are illegal in some places because a lot of people … like even I know in Europe I know a lot of places they are, but they’re not in Michigan. But she’s so sweet. You wouldn’t hurt anyone, huh? Huh? No, you’re just a baby. You’re just a baby.

Let’s do some tricks. Saki, come here. Saki. Saki, come here. Oh, good girl. Okay, sit. Lay down. Good girl. Good honey. She’s going to be so fat. I feed her treats way too much. I feed her milk bones for medium-sized dogs. She weighs about fifty pounds. Still working on the potty training thing. She’s doing alright. She learned about …

I got this for my … I said I got the turtle for my birthday. I also got this. It’s like a fire pit, but it’s the above-ground kind. And it also has this like screen so you can grill. If you want, you can … I don’t know. It’s like really stereotypically American. They would grill hotdogs and burgers, but I don’t eat either of those actually. I … I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat beef. So I only eat like chicken. And I don’t eat pig either, just because I think it’s it’s bad for you. Like turkey and like chicken is like more lean, I guess. I don’t know. A lot of young people are vegetarian, too. I used to be, but I like the taste of chicken too much, which is mean I know. And so does she. So do you, Saki. She can’t think of anything else because I have the treats right now. Where did they go?

But, yeah, this is my backyard. Let’s see if she’ll play catch. She’s probably too interested in the the bones. Hey. Come here. Come here. Hey. Come on. Come on, Saki. Saki, go get it. She doesn’t even care. She’s the worst retrieving dog ever. Come here. Come here. This used to have a squeaker in it, but she broke it. Saki, come here. Saki. Hey. Hey. She doesn’t care. Oh, well. Come here.

She’s really spoiled. She won’t lay down on the ground outside. She … because we let her on the couches, so she like only likes to lay on fluffy things. I really love her. I like taking her for walks. A lot of my friends have dogs, too, so we all get our dogs together and go on walks. It’s kind of funny. Come here, Saki. Come on. Come on, Saki. Saki. Saki. Saki. Saki.

She’s got one ball in her mouth, and she’s chasing after another one. Come here. Bring me the ball. Come here.

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