More American Bathrooms

An American Bathroom

An American Bathroom

This is another bathroom a little different from the last one. In this one, the bathtub and the shower are separate, and this one also has two sinks. Some larger bathrooms have two sinks.

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But, again, it doesn’t have any drain in the floor. The water must stay in the tub or in the shower. There’s a mirror on the wall and the rest of it is about the same.

This is another bathroom. This one does not have a bathtub or a shower, so it’s called a half-bath. It only has a sink and a toilet, but it does have the other things. It has a cabinet above the toilet here. It also has one below the sink, but it does not have a shower or bath. It has the mirror. This one has a towel ring, a circle or a ring, to hold the towels instead of a towel rack. It also has a rug on the floor.


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