Lori’s Tools – Part 2

These are… This is a ratchet where the end socket fits on top (oh no, it doesn’t fit) fits on top and allows you movement in places that you couldn’t use pliers or a Robogrip. These are wire strippers. Okay. They will strip wire off if you need to rewire something. Let’s see what else we have…..

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

These are another type of wrench. These are called open and box end wrenches and they are…come in a large variety of sizes to fit specific needs. They are very precision and this inside center and the open end center fit a specific size of a nut or or device.
Lori, why do you use all these tools?

Well, I find it very therapeutic to do the maintenance in the house. Bookkeeper by trade, I find that if I can use my ability to fix something, I find that I don’t have to concentrate on doing the books. I find it very therapeutic to actually work on…I I like tools. I I like hardware stores. And you can see I’ve got oh quite a collection of hammers. I’ve collected…collected tools…I collected tools probably for twenty years.

These particular hammers…This is These are called ball-peen. Okay, and … They’re they’re used for

different purpose than these claw hammers. Most people, what we identify ourselves with a claw hammer where you nail one end, pull out nails from the other end. And this little guy is called a tack hammer and he’s just for little tiny tiny nails, just to tack them in and that’s what he’s for.

And whenever we do work, one of the things that we need to be very cautious is to make sure we wear protective eyewear as to not jeopardize getting something in our eyes. Okay. And along with that… Well, these are clamps to hold things together. A variety. These are little C clamps. That’s just an extra saw blade for the power saw. These are hacksaws. They’re a different type of saw used for different purposes. A lot of times you’ll find using these to cut metal like as in copper piping. They work real well. Okay. Here’s a really large wrench. That’s a … that’s a big one. That’s a big pipe wrench.

Have some fun! Try these puzzles.

All of the puzzles use words from the video. Feel free to print and copy the puzzles.

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