Lori’s Tools – Part 1

Well, this is my work area mainly and I find that if you hang up the tools to begin with, you can find what you need, but the secret is you’ve got to put them back when you’re done so that you have them. Okay. Part of my tool collection is a power saw. This will cut large pieces of wood. It’s used to cut wood as thick as …..

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these two-by-fours (2x4s) to build projects as opposed to a hand saw.

This is a power drill and at the end you put drill bits in like these and they will actually drill holes into the wood like the holes back on on the backboard depending on what size of hole you need. Drill bits come in all sizes from the tiniest to the largest depending on what your need is.

Then we have power sanders. And these will actually vibrate with sandpaper, vibrate and take the surface off of of wood or other surfaces and prepare them for refinishing or painting.

This is a hand toolbox and here we have hand tools like pliers. We have …. Pliers come in different varieties. These are needlenose pliers which can get into a tight place if needed to pull something out.

We have a variety of screwdrivers. They’re large flathead down to small flathead. Okay. We have Phillips screwdrivers and they have a different end on them. They have a twisted end because they will unscrew a different type of screw.

And we have wrenches. These are what’s called adjustable wrenches and they come in a large variety of sizes depending on the need, what your job is that you need to do. And they open up and close tight to serve the purpose that you need.

Then we have … These are some of my favorite tools. These are called Robogrips. Those are called Robogrips and because they will conform to almost any size that you need at the moment.

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Have some fun! Try these puzzles.

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