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People use both bar soap as you can see in the dish and also liquid soap. Liquid soap is becoming very common. Just push this and soap comes out. That’s very common. A lot of people like to use that kind of soap.

When we use the toilet and the toilet paper,

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we do throw the toilet paper right into the toilet. That’s okay but don’t throw anything thicker than toilet paper. For instance, don’t throw paper towel. This is too thick. Don’t throw any sanitary products in the toilet but toilet paper’s okay. Toilet paper’s thin enough. It can go in and when we finish, we just flush the toilet here. The water and everything will go out and the toilet is refilled with the water in the tank.

One thing for men to keep in mind is that when you use the toilet to urinate, you should lift the seat before you urinate and always put it down afterwards. If you don’t, most women tend to get a little bit upset if you don’t put the seat down afterwards.

This is a shower curtain. There are actually two pieces here. The inner piece is plastic and it always stays on the inside of the tub to prevent the water from coming out. So water will hit it from the inside and it just rolls down the curtain and stays inside. The other one is just for decoration. It can stay on the outside and it’s made of cloth. It’s not plastic usually like the other one.


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