A Typical Bathroom

An American Bathroom

An American Bathroom

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my video. Today I want to show you a typical American bathroom. Okay. So let’s take a look.

Okay. The typical bathroom has a sink, a toilet, and a bathtub. The sink often has a cabinet underneath it and

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if not, or even if it does, it may also have a medicine cabinet on the wall. This one does not, but often there’s a medicine cabinet on the wall where you can put your various items. The sink also usually has a mirror above it. Okay, so there’s a mirror, a few lights.

This is a standard toilet. It has the toilet bowl to sit on with a tank in the back which fills with water. American toilets are not the kind that are flush to the floor. We always have this kind where we can be seated.

And, the bathtub. This is a typical bathtub. It is about, oh I guess, about five feet long and maybe about eighteen inches, about eighteen inches deep. There is, okay, the faucet down here so you can have a bath. There’s also a shower up above, so you can have either a bath or a shower in the tub here.

Our floors are tile and people usually have a rug or two sometimes called a bathmat on the floor. One thing our floors do not have is a drain. I know in some countries, there’s always a drain on the floor. Our tubs [FLOORS] do not have a drain. That means you can not let the water from the tub get onto the floor. If you do, you could possibly flood the bathroom and the water could seep through the floor and get into the room below the bathroom if there is a room. So, it’s important to keep the water in the tub. Don’t let the water get on the floor and the way we keep the water in the tub when we’re taking a shower is with a shower curtain.

This is a shower curtain. There are actually two pieces here. The inner piece is plastic and it always stays on the inside of the tub to prevent the water from coming out, so water will hit it from the inside and it just rolls down the curtain and stays inside. The other one is just for decoration. It can stay on the outside and it’s made of cloth. It’s not plastic usually like the other one.

The bathrooms always have a toilet paper holder and toilet paper so we use that, of course, to clean ourselves after we’ve gone to the bathroom. This bathroom has a couple of shelves for decoration. It doesn’t have to, but it does. And, of course, there are some towel racks. There’s one here, a towel rack here. There’s another one on this side, and there’s also one inside the bathtub area. Most bathrooms also have a hook behind the door to hang your clothing or towels on.

So that’s a typical bathroom: sink, toilet, bathtub with a shower inside, and no drain on the floor.

Thanks for watching. Bye-bye.


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