A Look at Kitchens

Here's a kitchen

Picture of a kitchen

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my video. Today I’m going to talk about kitchens and I’ll start by showing you a typical kitchen. Of course, all kitchens do not look like this one, but I do want to show this one. It has

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some typical appliances that we find in kitchens. Okay? So let me get started. Here is one kitchen, and what we typically find in kitchens are a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a stove, often a toaster, a dishwasher, and a sink with a garbage disposal. Okay, let me look at some of those things individually. This refrigerator has the freezer section at the top and the refrigerator at the bottom. Of course, there are all kinds of refrigerators, too. Some of them are side-by-side refrigerators where the freezer is on the left and the refrigerator is on the right. Some of them have the freezer at the bottom, but all kitchens have a refrigerator. Here’s the stove again. This is a gas stove. People use both gas and electric stoves and the stove always has an oven built in or an oven somewhere in the kitchen. Usually it’s built in. Usually it’s one appliance like this. So in the oven, we can bake things and on top of the stove we can do different kinds of cooking, frying or boiling or whatever. This microwave oven is built in just below the cabinets and above the stove. They’re not always built in but this one happens to be. A lot of kitchens have dishwashers, not every single one of course, but this one does. And a dishwasher is an appliance that washes dishes for you. So here’s some silverware there. It just has a couple of racks for dishes on the bottom, dishes on the top, and that’s a dishwasher. Of course, there’s going to be a sink. This kitchen has two sinks. They don’t all have two sinks but it’s not uncommon to have two sinks. Often there’s just one. Another thing that’s really common is to have a garbage disposal in the sink. This thing right here, that right there is the garbage disposal. You can put bits of food and things in there. You don’t really fill it with food, but if bits of food fall off your dishes when you’re washing them, you can let them go in there, run the water, turn on the disposal and it will grind up those bits of food. Of course, in this sink though there’s no garbage disposal, so this just captures the bits of food, so you can use either one.

Kitchens usually have a range of small appliances. Most people have a toaster. There’s also usually a coffee pot. This one doesn’t have a regular coffee pot so I won’t show that. So that is one typical kitchen. Okay?

Here are some common small kitchen appliances. On the right, there’s a coffee pot or a coffee maker. This is an automatic drip coffee maker. On the left, there’s a mixer. It can be used for all kinds of things. Over here on the left, there’s a kettle. Then there’s a blender and a small white food processor and then a couple of kitchen scales. So these are pretty common small kitchen appliances. A lot of people also have toaster ovens and maybe different kinds of coffee makers.

Here’s another kitchen. It’s different from the last one, but it has a lot of similarities. There are a lot of cupboards and the same appliances, of course. We have a refrigerator. This one happens to be filled with many magnets which is really common. There’s a gas stove with a teapot. Here, the microwave oven is on the counter. It’s not mounted below the cupboard like in the last kitchen. We have a crockpot right here which is a slow cooker, a waffle iron. Here we have some paper towels above the counter and a dishwasher below. Here are a couple more small appliances. We have a toaster oven right here and a coffee maker. So that’s just another kitchen. This countertop here is a very common surface to have in kitchens. It’s a kind of plastic laminate countertop, and that’s found all over. It can come in different colors and it’s a hard surface so it works well in kitchens. And that is about it.

Here’s another kitchen. It’s smaller than the previous two we’ve seen. It does not have a dishwasher and it has fewer cupboards. The burners in this kitchen are separate from the oven and some kitchens do have a setup like that. So the burners are here and this is also a gas stovetop, so it runs on natural gas, but the oven is over here and it has a microwave oven on top of it. So they’re mounted into the cabinet. This is a side-by-side refrigerator. It has an ice cube dispenser and a water dispenser in the door.

Thanks for watching. Bye.


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