John Talks About Pizza

You know I make a shrimp and avocado pizza sometimes or  …. I don’t usually use tomato sauce on the pizza unless I’m making a tomato-y pizza, you know something very specific that way. But I like using veggies on the pizzas. Broccoli is a real favorite, sliced tomato, the fresh …..

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greens, to use some caramelized onions, to have some leeks that have been sautéed in nice olive oil and different, you know different things like that that have a little different texture on the tongue.

You know pizza’s such a fun food to eat because it’s generally something you pick up and just sort of you know shove it in your face in a way. And sometimes to have some really you know beautiful piece of beef that you sliced real thin you know and added in. I mean all those things are great. It’s just it’s kind of the transport for the food, it’s the conduit, how you get the food you know into your body. Pizza’s a a real friendly way to do that.

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