John’s Favorite Pizza

Well, when you’re from Detroit, you have to love pizza or you’re going to starve because this is truly a pizza town with all the sports groups that we have and teams and stuff and we’ve got a number of national chains that are based here.

But my favorite pizza is the kind that I make in my own kitchen. And I love to make …..

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a whole wheat pizza crust either from scratch or I’ll get the little dollar nineteen ($1.19) pre-made whole wheat not enriched whole wheat but whole wheat flour from Trader Joe’s in the dairy case. And I’ll take that home and I’ll roll it out and I have a big perforated pan.
And one of my favorite pizzas is to take some Yukon Golds that have been, Yukon Gold potatoes, which have been steamed or cooked and slice those and put those around the outer crust of the pizza. And then I’ll take some walnuts and some fresh spinach and some nutmeg, a little dash of cinnamon, some pepper, and some feta cheese for the inside portion of the pizza. If I’ve got some shrimp or some avocado or something to kind of jazz it up a little bit, I’ll add that too. And then I’ll take something like a creamy Havarti cheese or something and layer that over the ring of potato on the crust.

Oh, I have people they’ll come to my house and they’ll have this pizza. They’ll have a glass of wine and we’ll have a salad with it and from the first bite they’re wagging their tails like crazy, just can’t wait for some more. It’s really, it’s a great pizza and it’s really healthy. It’s kind of a guiltless pizza because it doesn’t have six kinds of meat on it you know. And I’m a great meat lover but not everything has to have everything on it. So that’s really my favorite pizza.

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