Grocery Shopping – Paying at the Self-Checkout

Self-Checkout Register

So, out of all of these registers, I don’t see any full-serve ones open. Okay, there are 32, 33, I see 33 register numbers. It doesn’t look like any of the full-serve ones are open, though. I just want to show you at the register when we buy stuff,

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you put your own stuff up on the conveyor belt here like this and you put a stick here. It says “Please place between orders.” So if there’s somebody in front of me, I put my stick here. Their food will go on one side of the stick and my food will go on the other side, and that way the cashier knows which food and which items belong to which person but this register is not open, so I’m going to go to a self-serve register. Also notice at these registers, sometimes they say “no limit.” That means it doesn’t matter how many items you buy. Sometimes they say “12 items or fewer.” So that means you’re not supposed to ring up more than 12 items. So I’m using the self-serve machine, so what I have to do is I can press the start button, but I really shouldn’t have to. Scan it. Just run it here over the scanner and you put it on the scale. Make sure you don’t take anything off of this area. This is a scale and if you remove it, then you’ll get, the machine will tell you to put it back. Listen. Oh, it just shows “Item removed from bagging area. Return item.” Okay, there’s my item. You can really mess it up and you have to call somebody to help you if you do. Okay, now I’m going to ring up my nectarines and I don’t know how much they cost so I can look up the item. There’s a code right here. Okay, so I can key in this code. Can you see that number? Okay, there’s a number right here. It says 4036. Okay, so I put in the code, 4036, and enter and it will weigh my nectarines. Now I can put them, so I can put them over there in the bag. Now I’ll ring up my eggs, just run them by the scanner and they come up. Put the eggs in the bag. And here’s my yellow squash and I don’t know… That doesn’t have a sticker on it so I can look up this item but I don’t have the code, so I’ll just say “Look up item” and then I can pick it from a picture. It was called yellow squash. I’ll just go up to S for squash. See if I can find it there. No, I better go back. I’ll go to yellow. I’m not going to be able to find this yellow squash. Maybe there’s a sticker on it. Okay, I’m going to have to ask somebody. I don’t know what it’s … Oh, maybe it was under zucchini. Oh, I see, I can go … It’s not zucchini. I’m going to have to ask somebody. Hey, do you guys know what this is? This yellow squash. Do you know how to ring it up? [4067.] Thank you. [It’s going to call it a zucchini, but that’s the number.] 4067? [Yeah.] Thank you. So now I have the number. 4067 enter. Okay, now that’s it. Again, I cannot pick that stuff up over there until after I’ve paid otherwise the machine will get mad at me and tell me to put it back and then the cashier has to come over and help you and it’s not fun. So, okay, so I’m done. So I’m just going to say “Finish and pay.” I touched right there. Cash, card, or other. I’m going to use cash. So how much does it cost? Eight dollars and twenty-six cents. I actually have a coupon. I wonder if I can put my coupon in here. Can I put a coupon in here? [Did you say coupon already?] No. [No? Alright. You go back. Did you already pay money for this?] No. [Alright, so you’re trying to do it with that?] I have a coupon. [Do it like that.] Thank you. Twenty-six cents. Okay. Okay, I’ve got it. Thank you. So I put in 25, 26. So now I have three dollars left. There’s one. There’s two. And there’s three. So now I have three dollars. My receipt will come out somewhere, right here. Wait for my receipt. There’s my receipt and I have some coupons. Do I want them? Sure, look at that. Save two dollars on my next purchase. So I can take those coupons. If I had dollar change, it would come out here, but I don’t have any. So, that’s it. Okay, and my apple cider. Let’s see. I’ll put that right there. Then I have to put … Oh, I have that extra bag. I have to put the cart away. So, there’s a special place out here in the parking lot to put the carts. Can you see that in the dark? It says, well, there’s a special place in the parking lot to put your carts. It’s hard to see here in the dark but this is where the shopping cart goes. Okay. So you just put the shopping cart there and somebody will take it inside later on. And that’s it.


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