How to Buy a House in the US

Hi. I’m Lisa Schubargo and I am a realtor with Danberry Realtors. I am licensed in Michigan and also in Ohio and I’d like to talk to you about the process of buying a home.

The first step is …..

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to select an agent. You really want to make sure that you’re comfortable with your agent because you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them.

The second step is to get approved. If you have a lender, you can use whoever you choose or if you need some suggestions, your agent can direct you down the right path. The reason you get preapproved is to let the agent know and also the sellers of the homes you’ll be looking at that you are qualified to purchase their home.

After you’re preapproved, you’d sit down with your agent and give the criteria that you would need in a home. Agents use a search engine, the MLS, to find homes for you. We can filter through types of bedrooms or numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, locations, price ranges, if you’ll need a master bath. We have a lot of different criteria that we can add in to really get specific with your search.

Once your search is ran and you have the properties in hand, you would set those up with the agent. She would call and make the appointment and get you through the properties.

Next, once you find a home, you would negotiate or your agent would negotiate a price and terms of that home for you. You would sign a purchase agreement and

once you have an accepted contract, you would apply for the loan

and then you would schedule your home inspections. Home inspections basically is protection for you. You would hire a professional to come in and check out the mechanicals of the home, the roof, the foundation. Basically, they’re just for your peace of mind so that you know you’re getting a good quality home and that you’re not going to move in and have major structural issues.

After your inspection period is up, your lender will schedule an appraisal and appraiser comes into your home and checks it out and then uses comparables in your neighborhood, sold homes and also homes that are currently listed, to determine the value of your property.

Once your home appraises out, and the home has to appraise out either at or above what your mortgage is for, then you move into underwriting. Underwriting, they’re going to verify your employment, your financial history. They’re just making sure that everything checks out with the title work, that the title comes back clean. Once all that’s done, it usually takes between thirty and forty-five days,

then you’ll get a Clear to Close. What happens then is you’ll go in and you’ll sign a stack of papers, your mortgage commitment, and then you’ll be handed a set of keys and you’ll be ready to decorate your new home.

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