First-time Homebuyer Tips

Hey. Good afternoon everybody. It’s David Niezgoda from Remax Encore in Clarkston, Michigan. I’m here today to briefly talk about first-time homebuyers’ sales.

A couple things that homebuyers need to look for is first of all, they need to be pre-approved before they start looking so they know the …..

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exact amount which they can purchase. One of the other things is location. If you have children that need to go to school, you ought to be checking out the school. You should be checking out the neighborhood at various times of the day, like when you depart from work, when you come home from work. How is the traffic flow, things of that nature. What does the neighborhood look like? Is it okay for your children? Is it okay for you? Are you comfortable there?

A couple of other things that you may want to do is street appeal. Does the house appear to have a lot of resale value down the road? What made you buy this house? That’ll be the same thing that possibly somebody else will be looking at down the road. And then once you do select that house that is within your budget, the next thing that really happens is the inspection. Some people do an inspection prior to purchasing just to let them know what they’re getting into and it can be a negotiating tip as well. But most people generally do the inspection seven to ten days after purchase.

A couple of things that first-time homebuyers need to know is get a reputable inspector. He should be licensed, bonded, and insured, and he should carry errors and omission insurance. A couple of the things that he will do is educate you. The inspection is not just to depict what’s wrong with the house. It’s to educate you about that house. He will talk about energy saving activities, what to do, what not to do, how to caulk windows, maybe to add extra insulation here, make sure the slope of the ground is going away from the house so moisture doesn’t get retained. He will also offer suggestions either about radon inspection, termites, and things of that nature, so this guy can be, or girl can be very key to your home purchase.

Ask for a sample report. What will he give you for the price quoted? Look over that report and ask him some questions before you actually hire him on the spot. Also, what else can he provide and the more things that he inspects for you, you should look for a discount. So if you’re doing a home inspection and a radon, and maybe a septic tank inspection, the three, he should give you a little bit more of a discount.

One of the other things that you should do is walk along with the inspector during the entire process. Ask as many questions as possible. And it is an education process from start to finish.

Thanks much and enjoy your sale.

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