Fall Leaves are Falling

Leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. In the northern states of the United States, you can find leaves everywhere in the fall. At times, they seem to cover everything. They make a …..

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nice, crunchy sound when you walk through them. The leaves can be beautiful and they can be a lot of fun to play in. They come in different shades of yellow and brown, orange, pink, and red. Seeing pink against a backdrop of yellow or yellow against a backdrop of orange can take your breath away.

The trees are beautiful to look at with their multi-colored leaves sometimes turning a deep crimson. On the same tree, you can often find many different colors at the same time. When the wind blows, the colors dance and a rainbow of leaves flutters to the ground.

Many people take drives to look at the leaves. Sometimes the colors are faded and muted and blend easily into the background. Other times, they’re bright and vibrant. You can find the bright colors everywhere, at office buildings, in parks, in backyards.

But other than looking at these beautiful leaves, what else do we do with them? Well, if you have a yard or maintain property, you remove them. You need to remove the leaves because if you don’t, they can smother your lawn and your grass will die. The way you remove them is to get a rake and rake them into a pile. In some cities you put the leaves into brown bags. Then put the bags at the curb on garbage day for the compost truck to pick up. In other cities, residents put the leaves directly into the street and a truck removes them from there.

But whatever you do with your leaves, whether you just look at them, play with them, or preserve them in pictures or even between pieces of wax paper as many school children know, if you are in a northern state, just know that there will be lots of leaves.

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Have some fun! Try these puzzles.

Puzzle #1 is usually easier than puzzle #2, but try all of them and decide for yourself!

All of the puzzles use words from the video. Feel free to print and copy the puzzles.

Fall Leaves Crossword Puzzle #1


Fall Leaves Crossword Puzzle #2


Fall Leaves Word Search Puzzle #1


Fall Leaves Word Search Puzzle #2


Fall Leaves Word Scramble Puzzle #1


Fall Leaves Word Scramble Puzzle #2



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