Flowers – Part 3

Okay. One thing about geraniums. These are geraniums. They’re a very common flower. You see them in Italy in the window boxes in the Mediterranean and I’m sure in Mexico. Although I have never been to Mexico. But they are very good for a drought. So if you have a …..

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client that is not watering, they have no irrigation and they have full sun, geraniums will survive even sporadic watering whereas a lot of other plants will not.

We talked about sun flowers, flowers that grow in the sun and are drought-tolerant, the geranium that we pointed out from the Mediterranean. This is another one. This is purslane, flowering purslane. It’s related to portulaca which is also called the Mexican sunflower. It’s a very flat plant and you can see from the leaves that it’s almost like a little cactus. It is in the Crassulaceae family which is the cactus family, a cactus, a succulent family and it comes in many colors but this does not get much water because it is not irrigated and it’s very shallow. So when we want it to grow and we know it’s not going to get a lot of water, we plant portulaca.

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