Flowers – Part 2

The the term deadheading is what we do is we have a flower here that’s nice and vibrant. What we do is we go in and pull the plants that are dying. That way it gives the plant more oomph to grow and bloom again.

Because if the plant goes to seed and …..

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after the flower comes to seed, if it goes to seed it will put the energy of the plant into the seed and not into more bloom. So if you take the dead flowers off, It blooms more.

it blooms more. Okay. These are marigolds for the sun. And we’ll show you a little bit about petunias.

There are two kinds of petunias. Those are more the traditional kind over there in the pot. And those ones you have to take the bad flowers off like this and it takes a lot of time.

A lot of time.

But there’s a new kind of petunia that’s more expensive than the regular petunia. It is called the wave petunia and it is bred for commercial landscaping. You do not have to take the dead flowers off. Much lower maintenance.

These are coleus. They are good for the shade. King Kong Coleus which is kind of fun. King Kong is the the giant… What is King Kong? … the giant gorilla and they’re named after the gorilla because they get so big. They’re … Any …Most plants with the big leaves lose water a lot through their leaves. They’re tropical. The tropical plants have big leaves. The desert plants have little leaves. But these are not hardy. They only grow in the summer in this area.

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