Flowers – Part 1

Hello. I’m Pat Hopkinson, horticulturist. I own A Garden Space which is a garden maintenance company. Today we’re going to talk about annuals and some of the flowers that come back, that we plant every year for color and what conditions they like. We’re here at …..

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Telly’s Greenhouse. Telly’s Greenhouse is an excellent garden center in Troy. It’s located on John R between Big Beaver and Wattles which is between 16 and 17 Mile on John R. They have a wonderful selection of perennials and annuals, so we’re going to be talking about the annuals today.

So, first we will go to the shade house. You can see the shade cloth over the plants that like shade. There are basically two main kinds of annuals we use in the shade. One is the wax begonia, and it comes in pink, white, and red. And then the other are impatiens, so let’s go over and look at the impatiens.

These are impatiens. Impatiens are wonderful for the shade. They grow big. They come in many colors, salmon, white, red, purple, but they are very tender. Tender means you can not put them out in the cold and they need a lot of water. So, if your client is not going to water very much, you would go and try to use the wax begonias instead of the impatiens because the impatiens will droop without water.

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