Laundry in the U.S.

A Laundry Room

A Laundry Room

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my video. Today I’m going to talk about laundry. When Americans do laundry, they usually use both a washing machine and a dryer. Even if they don’t have

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their own washing machine and dryer in their own house, they usually use them in their apartment building. There might be some shared washers and dryers, or in a laundromat. This washer is a top-loading washer. We have different kinds that people use, but this is probably the most common is a top-loading washer where you put the clothes in the top of the machine, and of course, choose the settings, the correct settings. You can choose the temperature of the water. You can choose the size of the load or how many clothes you have, how many clothes you’re putting in, either only a few which would be a small load or many pieces of clothing would be a large load. And you can choose the cycle. So you can choose a regular cycle, permanent press, knits and delicates, or you can soak the clothes. Those settings are pretty standard on all washing machines. This is an electric dryer. A lot of people use gas dryers as well. And it’s front loading as well. This pipe-like thing here, this is a vent. That’s where the air from the dryer goes, and it goes outside. This laundry area is in the basement of the home and that’s where the laundry area is in many homes, but in newer homes the laundry room is often on the first floor. The laundry room or the laundry area in a basement often has a laundry tub. This one has two laundry tubs. Notice they are very big and kind of old. People do all kinds of washing in there, not just for laundry but just any kind of heavy-duty household washing that needs to be done can be done in these laundry tubs.

The laundry area in this home is not a separate room. There’s not a separate laundry room. It’s actually in the walkway from the backdoor into the kitchen. But notice that there is both a washer, this one is a front-loading washer, and a dryer and also a laundry tub. This one is actually a little bit smaller than many. Laundry tubs are usually quite large. But there is a separate laundry area here.

Many apartment buildings have a separate area with several washers and dryers that the tenants share to do their laundry. In this apartment that I’m in now, it has its own washer and dryer, but it’s too small to have a separate laundry room so instead the washer and dryer are inside this closet here. These are called stacked, a stacked washer and dryer so the washing machine is at the bottom. Of course, I could just open it. That’s the washing machine. And the dryer is at the top. So that’s just a space saver. Here’s a laundry area in the basement of another apartment building. This area’s for one tenant. The laundry tub is on the left and you can see the neighbor’s laundry tub behind it.

People also hand wash some clothes or wash them using the delicate cycle of the washing machine. Then they hang them up to dry instead of using the dryer. The dryer might be too rough for some clothes. When people in the cities and suburbs hang their clothes to dry, they usually hang them indoors. It would be unusual to see clothes hanging outside in many cities.

For people who don’t have a washer and dryer or who may need to use a larger washer and dryer, we also have laundromats available where you can go and just pay to use the washers and dryers that are at the laundromat. If you don’t have your own washer and dryer, you can come to a laundromat and do your wash. There are different sizes of machines. Some of them are quite large and so you can wash large items like blankets, or sleeping bags, or comforters. There are heavy-duty machines and there are large dryers. This is a dryer. These are washing machines in the front and those are dryers in the back. Thanks for watching. Bye.


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