Taking Tests – Part 3

Okay. Let’s look at some others. The next one I want to look at is true/false. True/false is just asking you if the question is correct or incorrect. So this one says, “Read the following statements. If the statement is true, write true on the line. If the statement is false, write false on the line.” Now this particular item tells us to …

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Exercise 2

write the complete word true and false. Sometimes you are only to write a T for true or an F for false. If it says, though, to write the complete word, then go ahead and do it. The reason for that is because sometimes a teacher can’t tell if a student’s T is actually a T or an F because they are similar and depending on the way a student writes it may not be clear to the teacher. So always write the complete answer.

Number 1 says, “Canada is in North America.” This is pretty messy what I’ve written here but if I write the complete answer, true, the teacher should be able to read it. Canada is in North America. Okay. Number 2 says, “The United States is in Asia.” Well that’s not true, so I have to write false on the line here and again, I’m going to be sure to write the complete word so that the teacher knows what my answer is. Okay, so true/false type questions are very common as well.

The next kind of question that I want to show you is one which just says to underline an item or to circle an item. So this one says, “Underline the verbs in the following sentences” and “Circle the nouns.” So I am asked to underline something and to circle something. To underline simply means to draw a line underneath something and to circle simply means to draw a circle around something. So in these sentences, what I have, what the sentences say. This first sentence says, “The children are playing in the yard.” Okay. The children are playing in the yard. Okay, so I would underline the verb, are playing, and the first noun I come across is children and yard is a noun, so I would circle those. And I would do that for each of the sentences in here. Okay. But again follow the instructions. If I reverse that, if I underline the noun and circle the verb, I’ll get that wrong. So be sure you follow the instructions.

The next question type is fill-in-the-blanks. In this first one, this is similar to a multiple-choice because the answers are given to me. This first one says, “Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb.” Number 1 says the children blank playing. And a line with nothing on it is just called a blank. So I’m given three choices, is, do, and are. The instructions here say to fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb. So it says to fill in the blank. That means that I have to write on this line. It does not mean to circle my answer. The answer is are, but I can’t circle it because then I’m not answering it correctly. I have to write my answer on the line. To fill in the blank means to write on the line. So number 2 says the children blank outside every day. Again, I’m given three choices, playing, have playing, and play. My answer, the answer I’m choosing is play, but I can’t circle it because then I’m not answering the question correctly. I must fill in the blank, so I must write it on the line. The children play outside every day.

Okay. Next, we have another fill-in-the-blank type question, but this one does not give me any possible answers. This one just says fill in the blanks with the correct answer. And I’m not given any choices so I just have to come up with the answer myself. The next question just says, “The blank is a large body of water between North America and Europe.” So what’s a large body of water? Well, it’s the Atlantic Ocean, so I need to again, fill in the blank, so I’m going to write it right there. And it’s a little difficult for me to write from the side over here so my writing’s a little bit messy. Sorry about that. But to fill in the blank again means to write on the line. So number 2 says Los Angeles is in the state of blank. I would write my answer right on the line which is California.

Have some fun! Try these puzzles.

All of the puzzles use words from the video. Feel free to print and copy the puzzles.

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