Taking Tests – Part 2

Okay. This time our multiple choice question says to mark your answer sheet with the letter of the answer which best completes each sentence. Mark your answer sheet. Okay. Mark your answer sheet. So that means that this time we are …

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Exercise 2

not to even put the answer right here. We are not to mark this answer, but we have to mark our answer sheet.

Here’s an answer sheet. This is a typical answer sheet. For each number, we have A, B, C, or D. We have a letter in a circle for each possible answer and we are just to mark the answer of our choice. Okay, let’s look again at our question. Question number 1 says, “The United States is in which continent?” So we look at our possible answers. We can see A is Asia, B South America, C Antarctica, and D none of the above. Well, the answer is not A, B, or C, so that leaves us only with D, none of the above. This is a typical answer choice on multiple choice questions. If none of the other answers are correct, then you should mark D. So, I will go to my answer sheet and mark D. Whenever you mark an answer sheet like this, be sure to fill in your choice completely. If you don’t, the machine that’s reading this may not read it correctly. Do not just put a line through your answer. That will not be read correctly by the machine either.

Let’s look at question number 2. “What kind of fruit grows on trees?” So we have five possible answers. We see A is apples. B is pears. C is oranges. D is none of these. And E is all of these. So here, the answer is actually A, B, and C. Three. We have three possibilities: apples, pears, and oranges. But on a multiple choice test, typically you are only to give one answer. So I can not mark all three of these or I’ll get the answer wrong. So, what I do instead is I mark answer E, all of these. That means that I believe that A, B, and C are all correct, so on my answer sheet I need to mark E.

This time I’ll use a Scantron to answer my question. This form is a Scantron. It’s typically used to answer test questions and is similar to the previous answer sheet where for each numbered item, I have one possible answer, one possible letter answer. And I simply mark the correct letter. So I’m on number 2. So number 2 if you can see here. I have A, B, C, D, and E. My choice was E, so I need to mark this in very carefully. Be sure that you completely fill in this mark. Again, if I were to only make a mark like this with just a line, then the machine that reads this Scantron form will not read my answer correctly.

Also, be sure that you do not make any stray marks. Do not accidently mark anything on more letters because there, too, the machine may not read it correctly. If I decide to erase something, I have to make sure that I erase it completely. Otherwise, the machine may read it incorrectly. And any time a machine sees more than one answer, it will mark that as being incorrect. So, again, on this type of answer sheet, be sure to fill in the space completely. Do not make any stray marks on other answers. On multiple choice, typically you only answer one letter item, not more than one, unless the instructions tell you.

Also, be sure to use a number 2 pencil. Okay. This says number 2 on it. This kind of pencil will have the right kind of lead and will be dark enough for the machine to read. So those are multiple choice questions. They are very typical as a test type question, as a test style.

Have some fun! Try these puzzles.

All of the puzzles use words from the video. Feel free to print and copy the puzzles.

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