Feeding the Homeless

How We Help Our Community

[JIM] One of our endeavors recently has been going to a homeless shelter where we feed the folks, get them some good wholesome food. As you can tell, I’ve been fed very well. And I just like cooking, so we like to bring some good food down, share the food as well as just, you know, their time ….

[LORI] Let them know that there’s people out there that

[JIM] that care

[LORI] that do care and

[JIM] and aren’t judgmental

[LORI] Right.

[JIM] Lori, the one lady there that was eating she had like a four-week-old and a two-year-old and Lori said, “Oh, I’m going to go out there and see if she’ll let me hold her daughter so she can actually eat,” because she was trying to eat and hold the child, so Lori went out there and, you know, I’m sure she might have been a little apprehensive, but once that happened, we all went out and sat and ate dinner at every table with the folks that were there. And just to let them know as Lori said that people care. I mean it’s not all about materialism.

[LORI] People need to know that others care about them and that no matter how bad they feel, that their circumstances are at the time, to know that there is always hope. Okay. Things don’t have to stay the way they are. We all go through these periods of time in our life where perhaps it’s not the best circumstance or the best situation, but there’s always hope and when people feel that there’s no hope, then they don’t have anything. But they have to at least know that there’s hope. So by spending some time with them, cooking for them, holding their child, playing with their kids or just sitting down and talking to them, we’re trying to get acquainted with them, trying to make them understand that, you know, we’re just like everybody else. We just want them to understand that there’s people that care about them and, you know, to give them that hope.



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