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Hi. I really love sports and one thing I like to do is skateboard with this board on the ground and it gets you from place to place. I also like football. … throw it. And soccer … have a soccer ball. And basketball is …..

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

one of my favorite to play in the summer. You know, dribble. I like to play Frisbee with my dog. I got a tennis ball here to play tennis. Get a racket with the tennis ball. I got a baseball. Get a bat. You know, you got the pitcher and the hitter with the baseball bat. Then after playing all these sports, I get really thirsty, so I got a water bottle. It’s a little bit empty right now. But… All right.

Football is my favorite sport. I played football for my high school. I played a position called wide receiver where I catch the ball. And I really like to watch the Detroit Lions. They’re the local football team. They’re really bad. They lose a lot, but still I have a lot of fun watching them. They’re going to be better next year, win a lot more games. And football’s a sport that … It’s good to be a big guy, big and strong to play, but if you’re small and fast, you can get by, and …

Have some fun! Try these puzzles.

All of the puzzles use words from the video. Feel free to print and copy the puzzles.

Kyle Sports Crossword Puzzle


Kyle Sports Word Search Puzzle


Kyle Sports Word Scramble Puzzle




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