Thanksgiving Traditions

Hi. My name is Grace. My family are immigrants. My parents came from England and Ireland, so when they came to the United States, Thanksgiving was something that they really didn’t know anything about, and they were …..

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brought into other people’s homes who showed them how to prepare a Thanksgiving meal and what the traditions were. So, our family traditions stem from that and they’re kind of a conglomeration of what other families had. But one thing we didn’t have was family in the United States, so we took the tradition that people brought us into their home. We made that our tradition and we make it habit to have someone who’s either visiting from another country or someone who’s moved here who doesn’t have family or possibly just someone from another state who doesn’t have family locally and can’t make it home. So, part of our tradition is having we call them you know stragglers, just people who don’t have other people to be at their Thanksgiving or or just distant friends and things like that.

Traditionally, typically, we have pumpkin pie and of course, a turkey and mashed potatoes which I think are the basis for most Thanksgiving dinners. It’s a family time. We kind of hang around and when we were teenagers, in the evening the kids all went out for a movie because I think that’s about the only thing you actually can do on Thanksgiving. But it brings all the family together and now there’s a lot of us and so you know over years that my parents have been in the states, they now have over a dozen grandchildren and they had five children, so five children, their husbands, a dozen grandchildren makes for a pretty full house. And we still try to invite someone that we know doesn’t have somewhere else to go and sometimes that person will bring an interesting dish which isn’t typically part of Thanksgiving but it’s something that we really appreciate and enjoy as part of our holiday tradition.

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