Halloween Happiness With Joe

Hi. I’m Joe Johnson from Troy, Michigan and I grew up in Hamtramck, Michigan and Halloween has always been my favorite holiday ever since I was a little kid. When I was a kid, it was right there neck in neck with Christmas. Of course, when I was little, part of the appeal was going out and getting candy and that sort of thing which was always great and trying to come up with a new costume every year…..

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But when I got to be too old to go trick-or-treating, for me what was a lot of fun when Halloween would roll around is putting on a costume, decorating the house, and giving out candy on Halloween night and I’d go all out. The front yard would become a cemetery. I’d have decorations and stuff all over the porch. I’d have a red light bulb in the porch light to give the house an eerie glow and one of my stories that I like to share is it was about the middle of summer. I was in the backyard mowing the lawn one night or one day and a little kid about seven or eight was walking past my fence and he looked like he was trying to get my attention and so I turned off the mower. I went over to him and I said, “Can I help you?” and he says, “Yeah. I was wondering if you were going to be decorating the house for Halloween again this year.” And this was the middle of summer and I thought, “Wow. That’s really cool that this kid is looking forward to me decorating the house for Halloween.” So that’s always been a lot of fun for all the years that I grew up in Hamtramck.

Eventually, when I moved out of the house in Hamtramck and went to an apartment, I had to rely on Halloween parties and things like that that other people would throw. No more giving out candy at the apartment.

Eventually, my sister, when she got married and had kids, Halloween became fun again where we’d go trick-or-treating with the kids and I got to enjoy Halloween through their eyes. And they live in a city called New Boston here in Michigan and that’s that town goes all out. Their fire department, their Parks and Rec, they get into it. They give out snacks and do hayrides and the fire department gives out cider and doughnuts and things like that so that’s been kind of a new phase of celebrating Halloween.

Here at work, one thing I like to do is the Halloween road rally where we invite people to come on board and form teams and each team is given a list of things they need to find and accomplish, tasks and activities and objects that they have to capture on video and so the teams go out into the community with a video camera. They have to find and do as many things on the list as possible. They come back. We watch the video. We laugh. We have fun. And then I go through the video and tally up all the points and declare a winner. The goal really is just to get these people out in the community and experience the season of Halloween. So all in one afternoon, they’re in cemeteries, in funeral homes, in pumpkin patches, and things like that, corn mazes. So it’s like the entire Halloween season all in the span of an afternoon. And that’s becoming more and more popular every year and it’s a lot of fun.

Today, I still go out to my family’s house. One thing that I like to do is I made this pumpkin-headed scarecrow costume and on Halloween night I stand on my sister’s front lawn dressed as this pumpkin-headed scarecrow. So the trick-or-treaters think I’m just a lawn decoration until they get close I start moving and it gives them a pretty good scare. So that’s a lot of fun too. I enjoy doing that.

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