Purpose of a Baby Shower

So, the purpose of a baby shower is actually got two really good reasons. The first is to celebrate the arrival of a new baby with friends and family. And the second is to get all the stuff you need for the new baby because babies are really really really expensive. So at my baby shower, I invited a decent mix of friends and family and more friends than family showed up which was …..

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fine by me. And typically what you’re doing is you’re going to host some kind of dinner which can be as simple as finger foods or you can go all out and have a full meal. I opted for a full meal because they asked me what I wanted to eat and I’m pregnant, and so I just picked all of my favorite foods. There was lots of cake, lots of decorations, and your decorations are really up to you, whatever you want. I opted for you know simple and balloons and just table coverings, but you can have as much or as little as you want. There’s really no standard as far as baby showers how much you want to do.

We played a lot of great games. My favorite game was the safety pin game and it gets really competitive because the purpose is if somebody says the word baby. Everybody starts out with a safety pin and if you say the word baby you get to take, or you hear someone say the word baby, you get to take their safety pin away from them. So it gets really competitive and people get really into it.

You should provide gifts or prizes for all of the games that you have. I just went out and picked up some miscellaneous bath stuff at Kmart. But you can really do whatever you want. I tried to give people things that they can use later instead of miscellaneous junk that they will throw away.

The other part of that, of course, is the gifts. And you get to go out and register at a Babies R Us or Target or whichever you prefer wherever you want to get baby stuff from. I chose Babies R Us because there’s a whole warehouse of stuff. And you just register for all the things that you want and all the things that you need and your friends and family go out and they get you stuff so that you don’t have to spend all the money later and that’s basically the purpose of a baby shower.

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