Baby Shower Games

Some other games that we played. My friend actually went online and found a list of nursery rhymes and she printed out a bunch of sheets. It was free online and it just had a sentence from each nursery rhyme and you had to guess what the nursery rhyme was. So there were about thirteen (13) different sentences from nursery rhymes. It was actually really hard. So it was …..

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kind of funny to watch everybody try to cheat with each other to figure out the answers. But the way that we did it was is that if there was a tiebreaker, whoever’s birthday was closest to my due date was the person that won the prize. So I think the person who won got maybe ten out of thirteen. So it was a really fun and interesting game. And we had kids there playing too, so we thought they would have an advantage but they really didn’t. It was really funny.

The other game that we played was actually, it was rolls of toilet paper. And when my friend said to bring toilet paper, I was a little bit nervous. But what she did was she used it for everybody to try to figure out how big I was around the belly. So you wrap

this piece of toilet paper around your belly and whoever gets closest to actually measuring me is the winner of the prize. And so I ended up threatening everybody before the game to let them know that if they got too far, it got too far, got too much toilet paper that I was going to be really upset with them. But it was actually really fun to see how everyone could kind of gauge how big I was around just to get closest to how big my belly was. So that was another fun game too.

There’s actually a ton of baby shower games out there. A lot of them you can find free online. Just search for baby shower games on Google or whatnot. And you can get a list and they have all the printouts and everything that you could possibly need to play those games with your shower guests.

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Have some fun! Try these puzzles.

Puzzle #1 is usually easier than puzzle #2, but try all of them and decide for yourself!

All of the puzzles use words from the video. Feel free to print and copy the puzzles.

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Baby Shower Games Word Search Puzzle #1


Baby Shower Games Word Search Puzzle #2


Baby Shower Games Word Scramble #1


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