Grocery Shopping – Paying at the Self-Checkout

Self-Checkout Register

So, out of all of these registers, I don’t see any full-serve ones open. Okay, there are 32, 33, I see 33 register numbers. It doesn’t look like any of the full-serve ones are open, though. I just want to show you at the register when we buy stuff, [Read more...]


Grocery Shopping – Vegetable Vocabulary


Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my video. Right now I’m going to go grocery shopping. It’s 9:30 at night and I’m just going to go in here [Read more...]


What is a Garage Sale?

Garage Sale Sign

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my video. Have you ever been to a garage sale? Garage sales are very popular in the U.S. especially in the spring and summer time. A garage sale is when people get [Read more...]


Why Do Americans Buy So Much?

American Consumerism

Why do Americans buy so much? Well, I think it’s because they get bombarded every day with messages to buy, buy, buy. We hear messages on the radio, on the TV. We see messages on billboards everywhere to buy, on the sides of buses, almost everywhere. And almost daily, messages to buy are delivered to our homes. [Read more...]