Pizza Types

One of the best cuisines that you can have on a Friday night or a Saturday night out with friends would be pizza. But in terms of what kind of pizza should you order, think about this. Depending on your desire for type of dough there is thin-crust pizza ….. [Read more...]


John Talks About Pizza

You know I make a shrimp and avocado pizza sometimes or  …. I don’t usually use tomato sauce on the pizza unless I’m making a tomato-y pizza, you know something very specific that way. But I like using veggies on the pizzas. Broccoli is a real favorite, sliced tomato, the fresh ….. [Read more...]


John’s Favorite Pizza

Well, when you’re from Detroit, you have to love pizza or you’re going to starve because this is truly a pizza town with all the sports groups that we have and teams and stuff and we’ve got a number of national chains that are based here.

But my favorite pizza is the kind that I make in my own kitchen. And I love to make ….. [Read more...]


Jim Makes Pizza

Denise, glad to have you in my house. Lori and I love having you here.

I want to talk about real pizza. Real pizza comes from Chicago. That’s where I’m from, all right? I’m going to plug the company, Aurelio’s. They make some of the best pizza you’ll ever [Read more...]