Bill’s Retirement

I’ve been retired for …. April first was seventeen years.

Well, after retirement, my wife and I bought a nineteen-foot motor home and we traveled throughout the United States which was one of the finest vacations that either one of us has ever had. We had never been to the west. We had a daughter that was living in ….. [Read more...]


Baby Shower Games

Some other games that we played. My friend actually went online and found a list of nursery rhymes and she printed out a bunch of sheets. It was free online and it just had a sentence from each nursery rhyme and you had to guess what the nursery rhyme was. So there were about thirteen (13) different sentences from nursery rhymes. It was actually really hard. So it was ….. [Read more...]


Bill’s Retirement Trip to Quebec

Well, my wife, Marian, and I have been fortunate to have good health for the seventeen years that we have been retired and we’ve made the most of that. We’ve taken trips in different places. We’ve been to Europe a couple of times. We’ve been to different places in the United States. But one of the nicest vacations or experiences that I had was ….. [Read more...]