Baby Shower Games

Some other games that we played. My friend actually went online and found a list of nursery rhymes and she printed out a bunch of sheets. It was free online and it just had a sentence from each nursery rhyme and you had to guess what the nursery rhyme was. So there were about thirteen (13) different sentences from nursery rhymes. It was actually really hard. So it was ….. [Read more...]


John’s Favorite Pizza

Well, when you’re from Detroit, you have to love pizza or you’re going to starve because this is truly a pizza town with all the sports groups that we have and teams and stuff and we’ve got a number of national chains that are based here.

But my favorite pizza is the kind that I make in my own kitchen. And I love to make ….. [Read more...]


Community Service

I’m Greg Smith. I’m with Abilita and I’m a telecommunications expert. But when I’m not doing that, one of my great passions is doing community service and helping other people. And the way I’ve done that is being affiliated with the local Kiwanis club and our focus is on young children.

One of the best community service things that we’ve ever done is ….. [Read more...]