American High School Tour

American High School Classroom

American High School Classroom

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my video. Today I’m going to take you on a tour of an American high school. Of course, not every American high school [Read more...]


How to Write Lowercase Cursive Letters

Cursive Lowercase Letters

Do you want to learn how to write lowercase cursive letters? Well, you can look at this video to find out.


How to Write Cursive Capital Letters

Do you want to learn how to write cursive letters? Well, you can look at this video to find out.


Learn the English Alphabet

Learn the letters of the alphabet. Hear how to pronounce them. View my other videos to learn how to write the letters.

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my video. You can find a lot more at Today I’m going to talk about the alphabet. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. And they are… A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.

Each letter can be written in two basic ways. The first way is as a capital letter. Capital just means big letter. It’s also called uppercase. The letters I have written up here are capital letters or the uppercase letters. Letters can also be written in lowercase or small letters. The lowercase letters look like these additional letters that I have written up here.

So this is a lowercase A. This is a lowercase B. A lowercase C. A lowercase D. A lowercase E. A lowercase F. A lowercase G. A lowercase H. A lowercase I. A lowercase J. A lowercase K. A lowercase L. A lowercase M. A lowercase N. A lowercase O. A lowercase P. A lowercase Q. A lowercase R. A lowercase S. A lowercase T. A lowercase U. A lowercase V. A lowercase W. A lowercase X. A lowercase Y. A lowercase Z.

Of course, when we say the letters, we don’t say lowercase every time. I just did it this time to show you that this one is lowercase. This one is uppercase. And again uppercase is also called capital letters. So the letters mean exactly the same thing. We only have 26 letters in the English alphabet.

Capital letters are used for the first letter in a person’s name, for the first letter of a company name, for somebody’s initials, and also for special words such as the names of months or the names of days. Please watch my other video about when to use capital letters for more information. But again, capital letters are used for the first letters of a person’s name. So let me give you an example.

Okay. I said capital letters are used for the first letter of a person’s name. For example, if I write my name, Denise Lagrou, I have to use a capital letter for the D in Denise and a capital letter in the L in Lagrou. But I use lowercase letters for the other parts, the other letters in my name. My company is called Coopos so I have to put a capital C at the beginning of the word and lowercase letters for the rest of the word. These are my initials, D L. Initials are just the first letter of a person’s name. So, the first letter of my first name is D. The first letter of my last name is L. So, my initials are DL and I capitalize those. To capitalize means to use a capital letter. Most of the time we use lowercase letters.

Letters can also be printed or written in cursive. The letters that I have right here and that I had up here earlier, those are all printed letters. Cursive writing looks like this. This is cursive writing. I have written “This is cursive.” I’m using the same letters as the first 26 I showed you. I’m just writing them in a different way. So this is a T. T-H-I-S for the word “this.” I-S for the word “is.” C-U-R-S-I-V-E for “cursive.”

Printed letters are letters that you usually find in a book, or in a newspaper, or on a website. Cursive writing is used for a person’s signature, and also when writing a letter, or in some other circumstances.

To learn how to print letters or to write cursive letters, please see my other videos.

To summarize, the English alphabet has 26 letters. Those letters can be written in four basic ways. The first way is uppercase which is also called capital and those are the big letters. We don’t really call them big letters but they are big. They’re called uppercase or capital. The second way is to write them in lowercase letters. You can also print the letters the way I have done here. Or, we can write those letters in cursive. So those are the four basic ways.


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