Lawn Care

Lawn Maintenance in the U.S.

Large Green Lawn

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Americans take great care of their lawns. Especially in the suburbs, lawn care is very important. In fact, most cities have ordinances prohibiting unkempt lawns, and many Americans take pride in their well-maintained lawns. Some homeowners spend many hours each week as weather permits working on their lawns. If you own a house in the U. S., you will be responsible for maintaining your lawn in a similar fashion to that of your neighbors.

Lawn care generally involves cutting, edging, fertilizing, weeding, and watering. In the fall in northern states, there is the additional task of raking leaves.

The first thing you’ll have to do to your lawn is cut the grass. Depending on the health of your lawn, the weather, and other factors, you may at times have to cut it twice a week and at other times less than once a week. Take a cue from your neighbors. Your grass should be about the same height as theirs, but the ideal height depends on the type of grass you have. Generally, grass should be between 2 ½ to 4 inches high. There are many kinds of lawnmowers available at stores that you can purchase to cut your grass. You can buy a manual push lawnmower or an automatic push lawnmower. The automatic lawnmowers will be much easier to push than the manual ones. However, pushing a manual lawnmower will give you a better physical workout than pushing an automatic lawnmower. If you decide to buy an automatic lawnmower, you will also need to choose between a gas powered machine and an electric powered one. Both will do the job. If you have a large lot, you may also consider buying a riding mower. Riding lawnmowers look like small tractors. You sit on them and drive them across your lawn to cut your grass.

Guy Mowing Lawn

After cutting the lawn, many homeowners then edge the lawn. Edging means trimming the edge of the lawn that abuts the sidewalks and driveway. There are special tools called edgers to do this, but, of course, you can use any tool you wish.

In addition to cutting their lawns, many homeowners fertilize their lawns. This involves buying a bag of fertilizer from the store and spreading it over the lawn. There are special tools that you can purchase which will help you spread the fertilizer evenly. Fertilizer will help your grass grow and be healthy. Most fertilizers are mixed with substances to kill weeds and/or harmful insects in your lawn. You will probably still have weeds even after applying a fertilizer with weed killer, so you will either have to pull the weeds out or spray them individually with weed killer.

Cutting, edging, fertilizing, and weeding are not the only tasks involved in taking care of your lawn. Another step is watering your lawn. Watering your lawn is just what it sounds like. Watering means to apply water to your lawn. Applying water will help keep your lawn healthy and growing. In many parts of the country where water is plentiful, people may water their lawns daily. In other parts of the country where there is little water, watering lawns may be discouraged or even prohibited. Water restrictions may be in effect in your community in order to conserve water. Again, take a cue from your neighbors or ask someone at your city’s government offices what the rules are.

Enjoy your lush lawn and happy lawn care.