Halloween Frequently Asked Questions


1.What is Halloween?

Halloween is a holiday celebrated in the United States on October 31st of each year. It is a day when children dress up in costumes and go door-to-door in their neighborhoods collecting candy. Many adults celebrate by dressing in costumes, decorating their homes, and having costume parties. Some teenagers like to go to commercial haunted houses. Halloween is not a federal holiday. Businesses do not close and most do not celebrate it.

2. When is Halloween?

October 31st

3. What are Halloween colors?

orange and black

4. What are Halloween symbols?

pumpkins, black cats, bats, witches, ghosts, monsters, witches’ cauldrons

Halloween Pumpkin

5. What are fall symbols also seen at Halloween?

scarecrows, hay, corn, squash

6. What do children do at each house?

Children shout “trick-or-treat” and sometimes they also ring the doorbell. They hold open their bags and wait for someone to drop candy inside. After they receive the candy, they usually say thank you and then run to the next house.

7. What do children use to carry their candy?

They usually use a sturdy bag. Small children sometimes carry plastic pumpkins. Teenagers sometimes carry pillow cases.

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag

8. What time do children collect candy?

Usually, they go out just after it becomes dark. However, some communities arrange to have the children go out during daylight hours. Check with your neighbors.

9. Is there an age limit for collecting candy?

There is no official age limit, but some people think there should be a limit. Usually children from toddlers up to middle school students go trick-or-treating. Many first-year high school students also go trick-or-treating.

10. Do children collect candy in apartment buildings?

It depends on the building. Ask your building manager.

11. Do I have to give out candy?

No, but it is fun to do. You can see the happy and excited children in costumes and you can help make them happier.

12. What should I do if I don’t want to give out candy?

Turn off your porch light and don’t answer the door.

13. What should I do if I want to give out candy?

Turn on your porch light and wait for children to come to your door.

Halloween Bat

14. How do I give out candy?

When children come to your door, open the door, smile, and give them candy. To give them candy, drop the candy directly into their bags. You can comment on their costumes by telling them they look cute or scary or whatever is appropriate. If you don’t know what the costume is, you can ask. After the children say ‘thank you’, you can say ‘you’re welcome.’ You can also say “Happy Halloween.” Do not invite the children into your home.

15. What kind of candy should I give?

You should give candy that is pre-packaged and individually wrapped by a commercial candy company. Do not give candy that is not wrapped in a sealed package. Do not give homemade treats. If you give treats that are not commercially wrapped and sealed, the children’s parents will probably throw it out.

Halloween Candy

16. Can I give something other than candy?

Yes. You can give other treats such as potato chips, pretzels, or raisins. All food must be commercially packaged and sealed. You can also give small items such as toys or pencils. Most people give candy or other food treats, but the choice is yours.

17. How much candy should I give?

It’s up to you. (It’s your choice.) You can ask your neighbors what is common in your neighborhood. Often, 1-3 small snack-size candies are given. However, some people give out more than that and some people give full-size candy bars.

18. Is Halloween safe?

Generally, Halloween is safe. Most people just want to have fun and see the happy, excited children. However, occasionally there are problems. There have been cases where adults have tried to hurt children by putting dangerous things inside candy. If you decide to let your children go trick-or-treating, you should always check their candy before they eat it. Also, please see the safety tips below.

Halloween Ghost

Some Safety Tips

1.Always check with your friends, neighbors, child’s teachers, or other knowledgeable people to see if trick-or-treating is safe in your neighborhood.

2. Parents should walk with their children while their children are trick-or-treating.

3. Children should not eat anything while trick-or-treating. Instead, they should wait until they get home so their parents can examine the candy.

4. Parents should examine their child’s candy before the child eats it. Throw out any candy that is in a damaged or open package.

5. Children should not wear masks as these can block their vision. Instead, they can wear makeup on their faces.

6. If you are worried about the safety of your child’s candy, you may be able to have the candy checked at some police stations.

You can usually get additional safety tips from your child’s school, from the police station, or from the internet.