What is Coopos?

Coopos is a website for learning English while learning about American culture.

How is Coopos pronounced?

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How do I use Coopos?

You can start by watching videos of real Americans doing the things they usually do. Watch them at work and watch them at play. Listen to them speak the way they normally do.

After you watch and listen, you can read the texts, take quizzes, play games, and much more.

You can see more instructions here.

If you have questions or want to leave comments, become a member of the Coopos Community.

How can Coopos help me?

Coopos can help you improve your English listening skills immediately. With practice, you can greatly increase your understanding of spoken English.

You can also

  • improve your English pronunciation
  • learn new vocabulary
  • improve your speaking skills
  • have fun
  • and much more.

Is Coopos free?

Yes, Coopos is free. The website is supported by advertising and by affiliate purchases.

How can I help?

You can tell me what you want to see on this site. Tell me what you are curious about or what you want to learn more about. Tell me what confuses you about American culture.

Who created Coopos?

I did. My name is Denise and I teach English to speakers of other languages. I have taught privately and in colleges and universities for many years. I have a master’s degree in linguistics and a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Why did you create Coopos?

I created Coopos to answer the questions that students have been asking me for many years. Students have asked me all kinds of questions about Americans and their culture. Students have also asked me repeatedly for more authentic listening practice.

I decided to combine these two requests and the result is this website. I hope you enjoy it!

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